Our vision is to create the highest quality office products. With more than a decade of experience in producing office products and partitions, we aim to provide customers with a wide range of quality office furniture.

    Our missions are:

    1. to maintain standards of excellence and quality through proactive commitment in providing high class services,
    2. to take customers’ needs and fit them into the leadership roles in the company,
    3. to offer ideal solutions that are fully functional, flexible and within customers’ budget, and
    4. to prioritize our customers’ loyalty in this ever changing business environment.


    As of today, our company has produced a wide variety of products for diverse office environments such as knock down partitions, office desks, cabinets, drawers, shelves, meeting tables, receptionists’ desks and many more.


    PT Permata Modulindo Furintraco also offers customized products made by customers’ orders. We will develop the final products based on our customers’ specific needs using 3D images to ensure that our proposed budget, specs, and materials are fitting to the requested needs.


    Integrity in service and sales:
    We believe in professionalism and respect, treating customers with honesty, warmth, and courteous manner.

    We develop products and services that are unique and advanced in technology.

    We showcase a high standard of capability in the area of service we offer.

    Competitive prices and high quality:
    PT Permata Modulindo Furintraco continues to fulfil the needs of today’s ever changing office environment.

    Efficient time frames:
    We strive to complete customers’ projects efficiently, ensuring deadlines to be completed on a timely manner.

    After-sales service:
    We guarantee that our installed office products and partitions are fully functional and effective.

    Arkadia is a product name of PT. Permata Modulindo Furintraco, an office furniture producer, specializing in office partitions and office products. With state of the art machines imported from Germany, PT Permata Modulindo Furintraco guarantees quality and style at its highest level.